"To Heath and Happiness"

Glendale, CA


Examples of people who qualify for home health care:

  • People requiring the use of crunches, canes, wheel chairs, or human assistance to leave the home
  • Patients with dementia/alzheimers or memory impairment
  • Patients who have lost the use of an upper extremity and may be unsafe to use the stair handrail 
  • Patients with limited ability for ambulation due to pain and/ or weakness
  • Patients with heart and respiratory disease 
  • People for whom outings may be medically contraindicated as determined by the physician

Did you know that none of the following outings will necessarily disqualify a person from home health services?

  • Any religious service 
  • Occasional trips to the barber or salon
  • Absences to receive certain heath care services & treatments 
  • State certified, licensed or accredited adult day care services 
  • Family reunions, funerals, graduations, weddings 

Do you have Medicare? You qualify! Medicare even allows for temporary increase in the number of outings a patient may have. For instance, if a family visits from out-of-town and provides and unusual opportunity for the patient to get out more often, the activity does not disqualify the patient from the home health services. Medicare instructs care planners to consider a patient's ability to leave the home as it exist over the entire plan of care and to allow shore-term exceptions. If you have concerns about whether or not a patient will meet home health criteria, call us for more information.